“A child´s parents are not his makers but his guardians. They must protect him and have a deep concern for him (...).
Maria Montessori, The Secret of Childhood


The Parents

The collaboration with the parents is very important to us because we share the same goal – the development of our children. Parents are part of our school community. We organize parent evenings in which we discuss teaching goals and announce events or lectures about the Montessori educational philosophy. In our experience, it is not always easy for the parents to let the children find their own way. We would also like to support “our” families in this way. Additionally, we would also like to organize an occasional excursion to stay in contact as a school community.

Parent collaboration

Because there are many experts of various fields between our student’s parents we fall back to this resource and invite them as experts, so they can assist with various projects. This is a great opportunity for the parents to share their expert knowledge with our children, and they can experience the day-to-day school life and become familiar with our workflow with the children.

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