“Would that the teacher allowed herself to be imbued by the grandeur of this whole to be able to transmit it to the child. It is not only the classification of a few details that must be the point of departure, but the classification of the Whole.
Maria Montessori, From Childhood to Adolescence



The Montessori Prepared Environment includes not only the premises and material, but also guidance by the adults. Our core team of educators are all certified Montessori educators. Certification is very important to us, so we can ensure that the Montessori philosophy is optimally implemented.

It is a central requirement, that while in the company of children, the adults should step back and intervene only when necessary. As Montessori educators, we do not want to instruct, we want to accompany the children as they find their own way.


English as a Language of Instruction

English instruction is a strong focus of our school, and its implementation is guaranteed by having an English-speaking Montessori educator during lessons and during everyday activities.
The English language is so prevalent in our world today, that it has also become part of our German-speaking culture. As a result, the school children respond with great interest to learn a language who’s words are used so often in everyday speech.

English as the Teaching Language

Our English speaking Montessori educator gives lessons in English. Therefore, the children will not require a separate English Language class, but the German and the English are part of our daily school life.
Within a short amount of time, children without an English speaking background, will regularly be communicating in English.


The Core Team


fotoastieger20Dr. Alexandra Stieger

School Director
* 1970 in Vienna, married
Mother of three children

since 2020 Course: Montessori Leadership Mastercourse / Wholeschool Leadership Institute, AMI Prague (CZ)
2020 Facilitator at Lead Montessori - Online Global Community Conference / AMI Prague (CZ)
2020 Understanding Interventions & Therapies in a Montessori Setting / Montessori Medical Partnership for Inclusion, Loyola University Maryland (US)
2016 NAMTA/AMI Montessori Orientation to Adolescent Studies (Ages 12-18), Rydet (SWE)
2016 Montessori Elementary diploma for ages 6–12 (ÖMG, Austrian Montessori Society)
2010 Closlieu Training with Arno Stern
2002 Doctorate in legal sciences from the University, Vienna
1996 Study of legal sciences at the University, Vienna

since 2017 until today: Head of school and pedagogical director of Heureka! Montessori School Mauer
2017 Foundation of Heureka! Montessori School Mauer
2014 Guiding of the Malort in the ErLEBnisschule in Mödling
2014 Educator at the Closlieu at the ErLEBnissschule in Mödling
Since 2004 Collaboration and organisation at Neuland & Co. GmbH
2002–2016 Research associate at the Higher Administrative Court in Vienna
1993-2002 Training and employment with lawyers in Vienna





foto mhlustik Marion Hlustik

*1975 in Vienna, married
Mother of three children

2018 Lead Montessori for Montessori School Owners, Directors and Administrators, Prague
2015 Montessori Diploma Course (ÖMG) for the age 3–6
2015 Certified forest educator
2012 Certified Montessori Educator
2008 Founder of Montessori Children House Skodagasse
2004 Media design, New Design University, St. Pölten

Work experience
2015–present Forest and nature related tours
2008–present Founder, management, and staff member of Montessori Kinderhaus Skodagasse
1999 – 2002 Independent journalist and Editor in Chief - New Business Magazine


HEUREKA! Montessorischule Mauer, Valentingasse 20, A-1230 Wien - heureka@montessorischule.wien - Tel. +43-681 206 33009 | Impress

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