“We give the child material which allows him to carry out his own reasoning, giving him at the same time the possibility of working independently until he arrives at a clear understanding. The aim, however, is not that he should work alone, but that he should develop his own psychic energy.
Mario Montessori, The Child at the Age of Seven


All Day School

Our school is an all day school, the children are expected to arrive between 8:00 and 8:15 a.m.
The school day concludes at 3:00 p.m, Monday through Friday. The school day consists of study, lunch, and social time. Because we are an all-day school, we are able to switch between study and social time, and this allows us to adapt to the children´s working rhythm.

Multi-Age Classroom

Our school consists of one integrated multi-age classroom. We study individually with the children in small groups, so we can respond to their individual needs.
The children profit from the richness of different age groups in the classroom. The older children help the younger children so they are able to apply and deepen their knowledge. The younger children see their future path, and what work is possible in the near future.

The Independence

Our school should be a place of the children. The children run their school as independently as possible.
For example: in the Children’s House the children will have already learned to prepare their snacks. This type of independent work is expanded to the next (big) step, and the children learn to prepare lunch for themselves and others. The children are also responsible, with our help, for the care of the materials and the rooms, and for various maintenance work as well.

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