“There must be a gradual conquest - a gradual gaining of independence. It implies the acquiring of a sense of the power to act alone; the possibility of carrying out some useful and important action without help from others; the being able to solve one´s problems for oneself, to reach a difficult goal by one´s own efforts.
Maria Montessori, Principles and Practice in Education


Our School

We are running a school for children ages 6–12, in which we are applying the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and her well established material that she developed after many years of scientific observations.
We would like to make a contribution to the Montessori Continuum in the south of Vienna that includes all Planes of Development throughout all years of a child’s education: starting from the Children’s House (ages 3–6) through primary school (ages 6–12) and the Erdkinder school (ages 12–18) through maturity.


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