“The child needs something else, something of the utmost importance. He needs to do all those things by himself. That is the idea, the reality. It is not important to be able to taste the cake, but to be able to prepare it, to offer it, to organize a party, that is what a child needs. A laid table is not important, but to lay the table, to do it all himself.
Maria Montessori, Preparation of the Environment for the Young Child in the Family



We are looking forward to all applications from families interested in Montessori education!

School Children with Previous Montessori Experience

We give priority to families that have previous experience with Montessori education during their time at the Children’s House. Children with experience with Montessori institutions know how to work with the Montessori materials. We build upon the knowledge and experience learned at previously attended Montessori institutions.
Additionally, children who have attended a Children’s House have already learned to take on age-appropriate responsibilities within their school community.

Our goal is to continue and deepen the children’s understanding of these processes.

School Children without Previous Montessori Experience

Children without the previous experience of a Montessori Children’s House will quickly find their way into the school community. We will compensate for the missing experiences with the Montessori material. We understand that we are no longer working with a young child who has attended a Montessori Children’s House, but with a school aged child.
This is why we present our work according to a child’s age. At this point, the individualized learning methods can be implemented.

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