“Social life is not sitting in a room together or living in a city. It does not regard social relations. The essence is that something is produced which is useful to the whole of society, and is changed for something else. Production and change, exchange, are the essence of social existence. It is a production and exchange which does not only bring in the people living near to one, but those far distant.
Maria Montessori´s Third Lecture (Part I), given at the Montessori Congress in Oxford, 1936


The cost of tuition is based primarily on rent and personnel costs; because we are a private school in Austria, we receive very limited public subsidies.

The recurring costs

The recurring costs amount to 548,- Euro / 12x year (all costs are index based on basis 6/2023).
With this amount the following expenses are covered:

  • Tuition and all-day care until 3 p.m. with certified Montessori educators, and the extension and conclusion of the all-day school.

Additionally, a fee of 118,- Euro for meals and a daily organic lunch will be paid (only 10 times/year).


The one-time costs

The resulting fees at the start of school are

  • the registration fee of 450,- Euro and
  • a deposit of 1200,- EUR.



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