A special day at our school: a television crew visited us on the occasion of the cinema release of MARIA MONTESSORI: LA NOUVELLE FEMME.


We are inviting all interested parents to the HEUREKA! Montessori School House on 25th of april 2024, 18:00

On this evening you will have the opportunity to see our prepared environment, view the school premises and meet our team. You will also learn more about the concept of education developed by Maria Montessori. In order to plan the evening well, we kindly ask that you register by sending an email!

Alexandra attended the Montessori Deutschland symposium 'Move01' in Berlin. Together with 200 other Montessori guides, she experienced inspiring lectures and panel discussions with the international AMI trainers Patricia Wallner, Irene Fafalios, Baiba Krumins Grazzini and Jenny Höglund. These experts shared their insights on the characteristics and needs of children in their respective age groups. The discussions provided deep insights into the entire developmental process of children. Alexandra's participation brought us many new ideas and insights that will enrich our work. In addition, we remain internationally networked and inspired!

In April 2023 the Annual Global Meeting of the Association Montessori Internationale took place in Delft (NL), which Alexandra Stieger attended. It was a gathering of the global Montessori community to exchange ideas and discuss the latest insights into Montessori education.

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