“The importance of human personality resides in the fact that it can construct by means of intelligence and labour that world of individual freedom which takes the place of instinct, and which makes it man´s final task to act upon the external world by carrying out the complex activities we call civilisation."
Maria Montessori, Principles and Practice in Education


Our School

We are running a school for children ages 6–12, in which we are applying the educational philosophy of Maria Montessori and her well established material that she developed after many years of scientific observations.

Our Goal

We want to achieve, that our students go through life as happy children, and mature into successful adults.
Our students should acquire comprehensive knowledge, we want to sharpen their thinking skills and assist them in their development. Independent study and self-responsibility are important factors towards strong personal development.

The Big Concept

We emphasize the cross-linking of all components that are necessary for strong personal growth. This is why we connect our work with academically challenging Montessori materials, as well as the social interaction in our school community and the positive hands-on-experiences outside of our classrooms.

Our Primary School for 6–12 Year Old Children

We guide the children, who ideally, have already made important discoveries and developments during their Sensitive Periods, from their time at the Children’s House, throughout both primary school phases: primary school P1 (ages 6–9) and primary school P2 (ages 9–12).
Every primary school phase takes three years. During this time, all school levels are taught in one classroom. The advantages of interdisciplinary studies are a primary strength of a Montessori school.
The mixed age learning environment throughout different school levels is a strength of this form of teaching. Due to the individualized educational structure, the children are allowed to develop at their own individual pace.

The Personality

In our school, we offer many possibilities, and with many new experiences and discoveries the students will be able to appreciate our world and human achievement, and in particular, they will find their own place within society.


HEUREKA! Montessorischule Mauer, Valentingasse 20, A-1230 Wien - heureka@montessorischule.wien - Tel. +43-681 206 33009 | Impress

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