“Discovering a relationship oneself, formulating a theorem and possessing the words to describe it correctly, is something truly able to fire the imagination."
Maria Montessori, Psychogeometry


Our Vision

Our children should see the world as an orderly and harmonious home and they should experience the spirit of humanity.

It is our goal to provide an environment in which every individual child can develop to their full potential and thus become an enlightened, independent, and responsible member of society.

Intellectual Independence

Children arrive with a wide diversity of experiences from the Children’s House to the school. 6–12 year old children are very inquisitive, they begin to think abstractly and are learning things that go beyond sensory perception. School children want to have a good overview about the the interconnections in the world and their causes. Making this connection is the task of our educators while they are guiding our children.

Social Independence

When a child reaches school age; the living space of our children expands out from the home, to the school and then to their surroundings. School children naturally orient themselves around other children, and they love to work in groups. Children need peers to understand rules and to ask for explanations about social coexistence. With the help of the Montessori philosophy we take these needs into account.


In the Children’s House, our students will have learned to take on age-appropriate responsibilities. From the outset, our children take on responsibilities for themselves and for their community, i. e. while cooking the daily lunch, or during various periodical chores. The array of responsibilities, but also the freedom of choice expand during the school years in accordance with each child’s age and development


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