“We must prepare the whole environment, including all material objects, to a degree that the child can perform every activity himself.
Maria Montessori, Basic Ideas of Montessori´s Educational Theory


Our Location

Our premises have spacious ground-level classrooms in Vienna’s 23rd district.
Our school consists of two open main rooms, in which all materials are presented to the children. Additionally, our premises offer a small snack gardeen, a wardrobe, kitchen, and other quiet places.
We also have access to a 200m2 garden, in which the children can grow their own vegetable. Later they can enjoy the fruits of their harvest, and use the produce within the school´s kitchen. If the children need fresh air during the school day, we can also go to the Ölzeltpark which is close by.


The Heureka!Music

Music is an integral part of our Montessori Prepared Environment.
In this environment, our children not only find the music materials of Maria Montessori, we also have an educator who combines artistic and technical know-how and makes the world of music and instruments accessible to our children. Respecting the spirit of Maria Montessori, our children experience music as part of the big picture.

The Heureka!Studio and Heureka!Closlieu

Our world is a visual world. In the Heureka!Studio children can work creatively, where the focus is on process, and not necessarily on the finished product. A wide variety of materials, which can be used for cutting, glueing, building, and sewing are made available to our students. This way of working is complemented with specific contribution by our English Native educator who has graduated in arts.
The main focus lays on the creative work of the children and on the artists’ work observation.

Outdoor Forest Education

Our location at the outskirts of Vienna offers many opportunities to incorporate the use of the forests around our school. Our children are in regular contact with the natural world, and are frequently out and about in the Mauer forest. We have, on staff, an educator trained in Forest Education, so they learn more about the diversity of nature. She brings the work from the classroom into the field and can merge real world experience with theoretical studies.

HEUREKA! Montessorischule Mauer, Valentingasse 20, A-1230 Wien - heureka@montessorischule.wien - Tel. +43-681 206 33009 | Impress

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